No-Nonsense Game Development Job Postings

Patch Notes

  • Added Upjers, online game development in Bamberg, Germany. Thanks @Vanessa for the link!

  • Added Sandbox VR, developers of VR games in Hong Kong that can be experienced soon at public locations in San Francisco, Vancouver, Austin, and more. Thanks @Michael for reaching out with the info!

Destin BalesComment
  • Updated link for Tripwire Interactive as it was pointing to an empty page.

  • Updated link for Beamdog, was also pointing to an empty page.

  • Removed 99games given that there are no current job postings.

  • Removed Antimatter Games, the site no longer seems to be active.

  • Removed ArenaNet, due to recent layoffs the studio appears to not be hiring.

Destin BalesComment